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The Comic


Welcome to Badly Drawn Penguins

On this site you can see a webcomic called Badly Drawn Penguins (Or BDP) drawn by me, here on this Badly Designed Website (Or BDW) .

If you like what you see, spread the word, tell your friends, write a wikipedia article, post it on your blog, put the link in your messenger personal message, do anything to spread word of this around. Of course, always ask permission if your going to put an actual comic on your site or something, but other than that, feel free to tell anyone about my comic.

I warn that this comic does have scenes of penguin violence and penguins swearing, but only like once a comic, so please don't be put off by this.

I will update the comic whenever I feel like it, so maybe about 1 or 2 comics every week or two.

Chris signing out

© Christopher Francis 2006 All rights reserved